• Plaster decoration in the interior

    Experts note with regret that today among the most common consumer opinion on the use of stucco as a very conservative finishing and decorating the room. Meanwhile, as practice shows, artists, sculptors, art today has reached a very high level. In addition, a fairly wide range of manufactured products. Artfully created stucco composition of gypsum and specialty polymers are able to give the interior a unique, individual style and bright ideas napravlenie. Voploschenie with decorative stucco elements – the task of professionals. The range of possible application of moldings in traditional interior living space is somewhat limited. So when you make at home to avoid excesses and to comply with the solemnity and splendor proportsii. Osobuyu acquires the room, the walls, ceiling and doors are decorated with stucco figures or ornamentami. Ispolzovanie stucco decoration in the interior suggests moderation. Conglomeration and mixture components to be combined can cause “discord” in the interior. Optimal balance carefully hidden in the built, the original resheniyah. Raspisnye monograms, emblems, sculptures, large and small architectural forms spectacularly recreated with stucco. Thus, you can create an exclusive interior design, in which each element describes the owner of the house emphasizes its taste and stil. Sleduet noted that the use of stucco decoration appropriate to the respective amounts pomescheniya. Vesma a good way of zoning the space are columns. When planning a specific thematic areas of the premises of their design is an important semantic nagruzku. Dlya create a smooth transition from wall to ceiling and the structural use of smooth stucco cornices. For a spectacular selection of individual sections of the wall friezes are used. Stucco moldings and decorative rods are also additional details for the wall design and potolkov. Video on stucco in the interior: Stucco in an interior. Motives Renaissance



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